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Take Back Your Day

Learn how to take back control of your day and develop skills to facilitate more effective meetings. You will learn how to manage time more effectively for meetings when you are a meeting participant.

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Problems with Meetings

One of the biggest time consumers in the workplace is mismanaged meetings. It is estimated that the average manager spends 37 hours per month in unnecessary, mismanaged or useless meetings.

If you are working late, coming in early or working weekends to catch up on work then those meetings are stealing time from you.

There are skills that anyone can use to be better at managing meetings. Similar skills allow you to become a better meeting participant.

The Tipping Point

In 2008 I started my own consulting firm and the first thing I did was look for skills to manage meetings. I was tired of attending meetings that went nowhere. I was also frustrated with meetings that I managed or facilitated that ended up being out of control and had no order. At the time I had little skills to manage a meeting and everyone around me was doing the same thing. It was not just a huge waste of time, it killed morale.

So before I even started my own consulting firm I searched out training and found books and other material on how to manage a meeting more effectively.  That was the first training and education that I immediately invested in myself after going on my own.

It was a huge payoff as I’ve used these skills since 2008 to better attend, manage and facilitate meetings.  These skills have saved me and those I worked with countless hours which otherwise would have been lost.

More importantly I took back parts of my day to become more efficient and productive for me. Rather than just accepting the status quo I was able to find time for investing in me and the things that I wanted to achieve. I wish I had those skills the first 10 years of my consulting career, it would have saved me time and frustration.

After I Learned These Skills

After I learned these skills I implemented them immediately. In the first week these were my results:

  • Received a decision on a topic that we had met for 6 weeks on within 15 minutes
    • The meetings previously to using the meeting skills would spiral out of control and result in distraction and added work for all involved
  • Avoided 4 hours of meetings due to unclear agendas
  • Removed myself permanently from a meeting that I was needlessly attending each week

That was just after the first week of applying these new skills.

After learning these skills I used them in each meeting resulting in better results, less wasted time, happy meeting participants and more results achieved then we would have without these skills.

As a meeting participant I have the skills to better manage my time and ask questions prior to meetings to better understand if my time is suited to the scheduled meeting.

These skills have provided me better methods of keeping the participants on track and being able to deal with conflict as it arises during meetings.

Start Now

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I can help you take back control of your day and develop the skills to facilitate more effective meetings.

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