Coaching & Mentoring

A Deliberate Process to Create a Limitless Consulting Career

Over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry has taught me that as people’s careers progress they have fewer people to lean on, share ideas or get advice.  Early in an individual’s career they would have a lot of coworkers or friends who were experiencing similar stresses, worries and challenges and therefore could use others as confidants and share problems.   As those individuals become consultants they have fewer and fewer people to voice concerns or to share ideas. The result of this can generate many negative feelings and can actually prevent them from taking advantage of opportunities.

There are options to deal with this which include coaching and mentorship.  Most successful people in various industries use coaches and mentors to improve their skills and take advantage of opportunities.  Entrepreneur Magazine identifies the following four reasons to work with a Business Coach. They are:

  1. To brainstorm brilliance
  2. To bounce ideas
  3. To be accountable
  4. To receive guidance

The top performers in the world leverage the use of a coach because it provides continual growth.

Just Arms Crossed

What Average Consultants Do

Just Shaking Hands

What Top Consultants Do

Focus on transactional relationships with their clients

–        Transactional relationships are empty, unrewarding and causes discontent

Dedicated to building transformational relationship with their clients

–        This builds a bond between the consultant and the client helping the consultant become a trusted advisor

Believe that strong technical skills are all they need

–        Technical skills will not differentiate consultants and will only prevent the client from building a connection with the consultant

Committed to applying the four pillars of consulting

–        They are focused each day on the four pillars of consulting to improve their client’s organization

Use trial and error to learn

–        Trial and error causes unnecessary mistakes and wastes valuable time and money

Learn techniques that are proven successful

–        They can add valuable consulting techniques as building blocks to provide high quality service

Learn only through experience and hit every hazard and obstacle

–        This form of learning causes regret and wastes energy and prevents the consultant from taking advantage of opportunities

Learn from others experience

–        This allows a consultant to gain knowledge and use others experience to gain wisdom

Take advice from those that have no experience

–        Taking advice from others that have never done it is the first step to the race to the bottom

Follow the path paved by other successful consultants

–        This allows a consultant to take advantage of opportunities and avoid hazards

Surrounds themselves and listens to those that are not successful

–        Unsuccessful people will guide you in the wrong direction resulting in lost time and opportunities

Get advice and listen to those that are successful

–        This surrounds the consultant with those that want them to succeed with those that have experienced success themselves

Try to do it all on their own

–        This is an unrewarding and lonely journey resulting in almost never reaching one’s full potential

Leverage mentors, coaches and other people in their network

–        Coaches, mentors and a strong network of successful people help a consultant navigate through the unknown which makes the journey much more smooth and enjoyable

What You Receive From Us

Methods that allow you to implement the skills that top consultants use

Processes that have worked for other top consultants which expedites your success

Teach you how to be transformational

Build your skills around the four pillars of consulting success which helps create a trusted advisor role with your clients

Support, guidance and mentorship

Tools to improve each day

Skills that you can also use for your own clients

Gain skills that will benefit your life and those around you

Ability to take advantage of opportunities by using the experience and knowledge from me and my team

Learn how to learn and learn how to execute


Success breads more success. Be around successful people, learn from them and you will become more successful.

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