The Consultant's Code - Four Pillars to Success in Your Career and Life

Forget about what they taught you about what makes consultants successful and in high demand. It’s what top consultants know and use on a daily basis. It keeps them in demand as a trusted adviser to their clients and top earners in their industries.

This guide that will help you become a Trusted Adviser teaches:

–        Why intelligence is not about being smart and what you can do about it

–        What the difference is between hard work and putting in focused effort, which pays off big

–        How Andy used a quality to stay in demand for over 20 years in up and down markets

–        Why working with intent is your key to success as a consultant

–        How to trade being a mediocre consultant into a top tier consultant

Being in demand and becoming a trusted adviser to your clients is about using the four pillars of consulting; Intelligence, Effort, Likability and Intent. But building capabilities in these areas is not what you would think.

This book covers the four things that top tier consultants know that mediocre consultants don’t. It challenges common thinking on intelligence, effort, likability and intent as common thinking will keep you as a mediocre consultant.

Andy Fry has over 20 years of consulting experience and have built a successful career with Quantas Consulting Corp and The Consulting Playbook.